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How to create custom profile in Ideal Media Solution?

According to users' demand, since version 5.0.0, Ideal Media Solution allow users to create custom profile, you can choose video encoder, set video bitrate, frame rate, resolution and crop, choose audio encoder, set audio bitrate, output channels, sample rate and volume to meet your different usage. But you still can't modify our system profiles, and the profiles you created will be all saved under "My Device" category.

Now, please follow me to learn how to set the above parameters to get proper quality.

Step 1: Click settings icon to open the profile create window.

Step 2: Input your device name, then click Add button.

Step 3: Choose File format from the File format drop-down list.

Now, we support five video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG and WMV. For video formats, you need set both Video parameters and Audio parameters. For audio formats: MP3, AAC, and AC3, you may just set the parameters in Audio Settings section.

Step 4: Set Video Settings section.

Video Encoder: for different formats, you have different choice here, but attention, the original option can't be used in DVD Ripper and blu-ray ripper module. It is only valid in VideoConverter module. That means use the video's original code to encode.

Video Bitrate: we re-set 1000 and 2500 two options. You can also input the value you wanted here. The higher the value, the higher the video quality.

Video Frame rate:

Now, we offer 7 options for you to choose.

Original means use the same frame rate as the original dvd or blu-ray to rip.

If you want to play NTSC dvd on PAL player, please choose 25 to rip. On the contary, if you want to play PAL dvd on NTSC player, please choose 23.97 to rip.

Some mobile phone may only playback video at 15 frame rate, so first you should make sure how much frame rate you mobile phone supports to avoid unplayable issue.

Resolution settings: first please choose Video Resolution Mode, then set the width and height.

We gave you three options in Video Resolution Mode.
Keep Aspect: Keep the original aspect ratio. In this mode, even the width and height you set isn't reasonable or wrongly, our program will auto adjust it to make sure the the output video in right aspect ratio. That means, the output video resolution will close to the one you set.

Scale: The resolution of the output video will equal to the value you input in width and height boxes.

Original: in this mode, you can't set the resolution. Our program will output nearly the same resolution as the original movie.

Crop section: This is related to resolution settings. If you want to crop the black bars in dvds or blu-rays, please first choose Presets first, then set the resolution. With crop option, you can get full screen and non-distortion video on your device which has the same aspect ratio as the dvds or blu-rays. If your device's aspect ratio is 16:9, please don't use crop, just set the Presets to NONE.

 Presets: Now, we lists out most aspect ratio of dvds and blu-rays. First, please look at the back cover of the dvd or blu-rays you want to rip, check it's original aspect ratio. If it is DVD NTSC format with 2.40:1, then you should choose "DVD NTSC 2.40:1" option here. 

Then choose "Scale" from the Video Resolution Mode drop-down list, set the width and height. The width and height should be also in the same ratio as the original movie. So here it should be 2:40:1, for example, you can input 480 in width box and 200 in height box. For the x and y box, width and height box in crop section, you can just ignore it. Our program will auto fill it.

If you needn't crop, remember to set the Presets to NONE.

Attention: different movie has different aspect ratio, after ripping a movie with crop, remember to change the settings according to the movie. Or the output video may be distorted.

Step 4: Set Audio Settings section.

Step 5: Click Save button to save all the settings.

Step 6: Click X on the above window to quit the profile creating window, and then you will be direct to My Devices category, and Ideal Media Solution will auto select the profile you just created.

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