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How to avoid copying a fake main movie?

With the development of encryption technology, most of the recent DVDs have many fake main movies in it. That means when you copy the DVD with "Only the main movie" mode, you will see many titles with nearly the same playback time as shown below.
picture for dvd main movie title list
But strictly speaking, those titles can't be regarded as fake. Because there's still data in them, you can copy them successfully, but will result in the copied movie isn't correct. When you playback it, you will find the chapters are out of sequence. For software, it is difficult to judge which title is the real main movie on this occasion,  so in order to save your blank DVD and time, we suggest you follow the steps below to avoid this issue happening. Or you may just click Ideal DVD Copy logo on the main form of Ideal DVD Copy, then click "Export bup files" menu to export them, send the file to our support team, we'll give you a solution soon.

Step 1: Check out which title is the real main movie by DVD player software

(1) Play the original DVD on your computer by DVD player software such as PowerDVD or Windows Media Player.
(2) Pay attention to the title number listed on the software panel when the main movie is playing. But you'd better skip to next few chapters to see if the title number is stable. If yes, then remember it. (The following screenshots show you which place you should pay attention to.)
For PowerDVD: How to find out the title number of real main movie by PowerDVD
For Media Player: how to show information of a DVD in Media Player classic     

Step 2: Copy the corresponding title to hard drive by Ideal DVD Copy.

(1) Insert your DVD movie into your DVD drive.
(2) Choose "To hard disk..." from the destination dropdown list, then a window will pop up. Please select a folder to store the copied DVD.
(3) Choose "Only the main movie" from the "Copy mode" dropdown list.

 copy correct main movie of a dvd

(4) Choose the corresponding title number you just remembered from the "Movie to Copy" dropdown list. Then click OK.

choose the right main movie to copy

(5) Click the start to copy dvd to hard drive button to start copying.
(6) After finishing the copying, open the "VIDEO_TS.ifo" file to playback to check if the copied movie is OK. If yes, then you may burn it to a blank DVD. And you may choose "From hard disk..." from the "Source" dropdown list to choose the "VIDEO_TS" folder of the copied files as the source.

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