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How to customize profile to get suitable quality and file size?

1. Click Menu "Options"-->"Configure", then the "Configuration" window will pop up. And then please click "Profile" tab and you will get the following window.

Congiration window of Ideal DVD to avi converter

2. You may choose an existed profile from the "Profile" dropdown list to modify.

Frame Rate ---- If you want to appreciate your DVD on your home stand-alone DVD player, but it only supports PAL and your original DVD is NTSC, you need choose "PAL(25.0)" to convert. On the contrary, you need set it to "NTSC(29.97)". "Original" option means our program will keep the same frame rate as the original DVD. 15FPS is mostly used for phone because mobile phones can't support very high frame rate.

Resolution-----Resolution is a key factor to affect the video quality. Our program will auto-keep original aspect ratio of a DVD. It will output 320*240 for full-screen movie and 368*208 for wide-screen movie.

If you want to re-set the resolution, you should keep the right aspect ratio. For example, you should set 4:3 like 640*480 for full-screen movie and 16:9 (or 1.78:1) like 640*360 for wide-screen movie.

But attention: for Divx codec unregistered users, the resolution for full-screen movie shouldn't be beyond 800 x 600, or you will get an error message that "Failed to encode AVI video". And for wide-screen movie the largest resolution supported is 720 x 480.

If you want to output a wide-screen movie to full-screen movie, please just click "Full (no changes)" box and set it to "Letterbox(16:9 to 4:3)". And then the resolution will be automatically changed to 4:3.

Video Bitrate/ Audio Bitrate-----They are key factors to affect the quality of ripped file. Usually the higher the value, the better the quality. But if the value of Video Bitrate is beyond 2500, there is less sense to improve the quality.

Video Codec----- Our program will automatically use "Internal MPEG-4 codec" to rip. At present, we only support two external codecs, Divx and Xvid codec. If you have installed them on your computer, they will be listed in the dropdown list. They are different codecs but the quality is nearly the same. You may choose any one of them as you like. The configure button is only valid when you choose an external codec such as xvid or divx.

If you want to create a new profile, you may just click Creat a new profile in Ideal DVD to iPod Converter button. We will list the default value in the new profile for you to refer.

If you want to delete a specified profile, please just choose it from the "Profile" dropdown list, then click Delete a profile in Ideal DVD to iPod Converter button to delete it.

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