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Backup or rip the most popular movie "Marvel's The Avengers" with Ideal DVD Software

Since August, Hollywood blockbuster comes one after another, make your eyes busy. The Hunger Games' rush is just faded, Disney Marvel Studio bring us a superheros' visual sound experience with The Avengers. This film was shown in theater all over the world this summer, it soon became the most hotted topic and set off a superhero rush. It received positive reviews from most film critics and set or tied numerous box office records. It is no doubt the hottest and the best film this year, can't be excelled for a long time.copy and rip marvel's the avengers

For superhero fans, this film shouldn't be missed absolutely. You may see your familiar and lolved superheroes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans), they are assembled together in this film. With Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), these superheroes finally defeated the forces of evil, saved New York, saved the earth. Humorous lines, wonderful fighting, assembled superheros, it is certainly a classic we can't miss.

The film is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on September 25, 2012. The great news is that Ideal DVD Software already support copying or ripping the blu-ray and dvd far from its release date as usual. To backup The Avengers, please refer to guide A. To rip or convert The Avengers, please refer to guide B.

A. Backup and clone The Avengers on windows or mac os, enjoy the copies on your stand alone Blu-ray & DVD players.

Ideal DVD Copy is a simple and powerful dvd copy software, can help you make a successful copy of the avengers, so that you can keep the original the avengers dvd safe and enjoy the backup on your stand alone dvd player. When using Ideal DVD Copy, please ensure you didn't run other decrypters in the background, since other decrypters like dvd43, anydvd or dvdfabpasskey will interfere with our program to decrypt this dvd.

With Ideal DVD Copy, you  may:

  • Burn The Avengers to blank DVD directly.
  • Copy The Avengers to hard drive to enjoy it on your PC
  • Shrink The Avengers to a single dvd5 disc.

For compressing The Avengers to fit on a 4.7GB disc, some users may think there isn't an option how can we do that. In fact, Ideal DVD Copy will auto-detect if the source dvd need to shrink or not. If yes, then it will prompt you a message about shrinking after you pressed "Start" button. To shrink it, just click "yes" on that message box to continue. But this dvd is a little special, to shrink it completely, you should change the default compression value. And please refer to http://www.idealdvdsoftwareforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=30.0 to learn how to do.

Download link for windows OS: download dvd copy for windows                  Download link for Mac OS: (1:1 copying, doesn't support shrinking)

Ideal Blu-ray Copy is quite a powerful and easy-to-use software to backup your blu-rays. This programs authorizes account online, so make sure your internet connection is OK and your firewall or anti-virus software won't block it. With Ideal Blu-ray Copy, you can enjoy blu-ray The Avengers on your stand alone blu-ray player easily. Kindly reminder, you should prepare for 50GB blank blu-ray discs, since Ideal Blu-ray Copy will only make 1:1 copying. Of course, you can also clone this blu-ray to hard drive as ISO file or BDMV folder to save the expensive 50GB disc.

Download link for windows users:

B. Rip or convert The Avengers on windows or mac os, enjoy superheroes on smart phone

If we can take the superheroes along with us, share it with our friends or enjoy it on the road, anywhere and anytime, if we want they're just there waiting for us, that will be a happy thing, especially for superhero fans.

Ideal DVD Ripper is just you need. Simple GUI, easy to operation, abundant profiles with perfect quality, it make ripping The Avengers  dvd become so easy. With it, you can enjoy this great film on Apple TV, iPad 3, iPhone4s, iPod, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Dell Streak 10 Pro, HP TouchPad etc.

Download link for windows OS: download dvd ripper full version (12.9M)               Download link for Mac OS: free download full function trial verion of Ideal DVD Ripper for mac (4.54M)

To rip blu-ray The Avengers on mac, please use Ideal Blu-ray Ripper for mac, and ensure you have an external blu-ray drive. Ideal Blu-ray Ripper can rip this blu-ray to mkv, avi, mp4 and mp3 format on mac OS X. It also is embedded profiles for NewiPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone4s, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and psp. To enjoy The Avengers blu-ray on these device, you may just choose the corresponding profiles to rip and then you can get perfect quality. If your devices isn't listed there, you may create a new profile easily with our flexible profiles tool or feel free to contact us, we'll make a profile for your device within one day.

For windows user, you may download Ideal Blu-ray Ripper 2.0 first, then install it to have a try. This ripper can help you rip Avengers blu-ray to mkv, mpg, avi, mp4, wmv on windows, embedded with a lot of profiles for TV, smart phones, tablets and so on. 10 days full function trial, why not give it a shot? You should be deeply impressed.

C. What can I do if I still can't copy or rip The Avengers with your latest version?

There're three possibilities. One is your the avengers is another edition we haven't fixed. Another is the disc itself is bad printed. The third is our program failed to access the decryption files for some reason. Anyway, just feel free to contact us, we promise to reply you with solution within one day.

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