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How to create profile for your mp4 player or mobile phone?

Most MP4 players and mobile phones support mp4 format, if you have a device which doesn't have the corresponding profile in our MP4 Converter, then you may create a profile  by yourself and configure it like following:

1. Click "Configuration" button on the main form of Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter.

how to get into the profile configuration window

Then you will get the following window

create a new profile in the profile editor window

2. Create a new profile and set the value.

1) Click "+" button to create a new profile.

2) Choose a proper framerate.
For mp4 player like iPod, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV etc, it usually doesn't have frame rate restriction, you may just choose "Original" from the dropdown list. But for mobile phone, you'd better set it to "15".

3) Set the right resolution.
Some users like to use the device's physical resolution here, which they thought can get the best quality on their device. In fact, it's wrong. Some devices physical resolution isn't a standard aspect ratio, if you use that resolution to rip your DVD, then the output video will be distorted. Most players can auto expand the picture size to apply for its physical resolution, so you may just set a standard aspect ratio here, that means if your DVD is a 16:9 movie, you should set the resolution to 16:9 as well on the wide screen movie section. For example, 640*360. And the value you used shouldn't beyond the device's physical resolution or the biggest resolution it can support, or the output video can't be played on it.

And the highest resolution we recommend is 640*360 for wide screen movie and  640*480 for full screen movie. Since the original DVD is made by TV specification which is  720*480 (or 720*576), and on computer 640*480 or 640*360 can be automatically scaled to 720*576 on TV screen. Use a resolution higher than what we recommend won't get better quality, on the contrary, it needs much more time to rip.

4) Set the Video Quality.
If want to get the best quality, then you may choose "Custom" from the "Video Quality" dropdown list, and type-in the value. The value is associated with the "Codec" you used. If you use MPEG-4 codec, the highest effective value is 2500, and for H.264 codec, it is 1500. The value is not restricted by our program, but by the codec specification.

set video quality on Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter

5) Set the Codec.
We support both MPEG-4 video codec and H.264 codec. The former will save much time and quality is perfect. Usually this codec is appropriate. If you care much about the quality and don't care of the time and file size, you may choose H.264 codec.

6) Click "OK" button to save the value.

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